Rules for the use of the website and provision of services

1. General provisions

1.1. These rules (the Rules) lay down the terms and conditions for the use of the website ( and Services provided on

1.2. is managed and administered by Synthesis Consulting Group, UAB, reg. No. 304229686, address Raugyklos g. 21, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – Synthesis).

1.3. The User confirms their consent to the Rules and undertakes to comply with them when using in any way or form. Any user who does not agree with one or more of the terms and conditions of the Rules will have no right to use

2. Definitions

2.1. For the purposes of these Rules, the following terms, when capitalized, have meanings as specified in this paragraph of the Rules.

2.1.1. Report means a brand report, which contains various types of information about the brand that Users might order.

2.1.2. Commercial User means any natural or legal person who uses the Services for purposes of business, trade, craft or profession (other than private consumption) or for the dual purpose of private consumption and business, but considering all the circumstances related to the Services, business purposes dominate.

2.1.3. User means the person who has ordered the Report or who is otherwise using, including Private Users and Commercial Users.

2.1.4. Account means the User Account at that the User opens in order to access Services.

2.1.5. Services means services provided to the User forconsideration which the User can receive at, including, but notlimited to, ordering and the provision of Reports.

2.1.6. Private User means a natural person who uses Servicesfor purposes other than those related to business, trade, craft or profession(for the purpose of consumption) or for the dual purpose of consumption andbusiness but considering all the circumstances related to the Services,business purposes do not dominate.

2.1.7. Third-Party Websites means independent Third-PartyWebsites, i.e. not related to Synthesis.

3. Account

3.1. To use Services, the User must open an Account. The User may openan Account:

3.1.1. by entering their email address and preferred password. If thismethod is used, the User must activate the Account by clicking on the link inthe email that CompOS will send to the email address indicated at the time ofregistration of the Account, or

3.1.2. by using a third-party, i.e. Facebook, Google and Apple, accounts andproviding CompOS access to these third-party accounts.

3.2. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of theAccount login data and for any activity performed by third parties on behalf ofthe User in the Account, because the User has failed to ensure theconfidentiality of the login data. The User undertakes to notify CompOS byemail to without delay, of any loss or unauthorized use oflogin data or any other breach of the security or confidentiality of the logindata.

3.3. If the User no longer wishes to use the Account, they have theright to delete it at any time by sending a written message to CompOS by emailto or by using their Account settings.

4. Report

4.1. The User maysubscribe to access reports.

4.2. The subscriptionprice, considering the situation on the market, special offers, currencyfluctuations and other elements, is constantly changing, but the current validpricelist for subscription is always available at

4.3. The Report will be uploaded tothe User Account.

4.4. CompOS is striving to provide the most accurate and completeinformation in the Report. However, the information presented in the Report,must be collected from sources thecontent of which, as well as its accuracy, relevance and completeness of data, is not within CompOS control. Accordingly, when using the Report, the User confirmsthey understand and agree that CompOS does not guarantee that the information contained in the Reportis accurate, relevant and complete.

4.6. CompOS does not prohibit and encourage Users to make public orotherwise use the Report to the extent this is related to the User’s intent toevaluate the brand or to provide its evaluation to third parties in order tojustify certain characteristics of the brand. It is, however, prohibited forthe User to resell or otherwise use the Report directly in commercialactivities where the Report itself or a part thereof is the subject of acommercial transaction or commercial activity.

5. Responsibilities of the User

5.1. The User undertakes:

5.1.1. not to use automatic devices, software, algorithms ormethodologies, or any similar or equivalent manual process to access, acquire,copy or monitor any part of or any content, or in any way torestore or bypass the navigation structure or or any ofits content, to obtain or attempt to obtain any material or information notspecifically accessible to the User on

5.1.2. not to seek unauthorized access to any part or function of,or systems or networks related to by unauthorized hacking, passwordmining or by other unlawful means.

5.1.3. not to take action that would unreasonably or disproportionatelyoverload the infrastructure or systems or networks related to

5.1.4. not to use any device, software or take other action that wouldinterfere or that would be used in an attempt to interfere with the properoperation of or any operation performed by or the useof by any person.

5.1.5. not to use or any content contained therein forunlawful purposes or purposes non-compliant with the Rules or seeking toencourage any illegal activity or other activity that violates the rights of CompOSor other persons.

5.1.6. to abide by these Rules and relevant legal requirements whenusing, its Services or performing payment for the Services.

6. Services

6.1. The agreement for the provision of Services between CompOS and theUser is deemed to have been concluded from the moment of receipt of payment, inaccordance with the procedure laid down in these Rules (or, if the Services areordered by the Commercial User, from the moment of receipt of payment inaccordance with the procedure laid down in these Rules or within such timeframeas provided for in a separate agreement between CompOS and the relevantCommercial User).

6.2. Users will pay for the Services, via the method chosenby the User. Services to the Private User are provided onlyafter the Private User pays for them in accordance with these Rules and withthe procedure laid down in Services to the Commercial User will beprovided after the Commercial User pays for them in accordance with theprocedure laid down in these Rules and/or within such timeframe as provided forin a separate agreement between CompOS and the Commercial User, if any.

6.3. In view of the varying economic factors of different markets, Comp-os.comreserves the right to apply different pricing for Services in each country.

6.4. For the purposes of value added tax (VAT) or any similar tax appliedin the jurisdiction where the Services are provided, Services are considered tobe services provided via electronic means, therefore, when determining theplace of provision of Services to Private Users, CompOS will observe the EUCouncil Directive 112/2006/EC of 28 November 2006 on the common system of valueadded tax, Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1042/2013 of 7 October 2013,and Article 13(2)(15) of the Republic of Lithuania Law on Value Added Tax, andwill apply the VAT rate at the place of residence of the Private User. Whendetermining the place of residence of the Private User, CompOS appliestechnological, communication and other objectively available means to determinesaid location of the Private User. In the event of inconsistencies between thedata obtained using the above means, CompOS also relies on the data provided bythe Private User. The Private User is solely responsible for the validity andreliability of such provided data. When providing Services to Commercial Users,CompOS applies the general rules for determining the place of provision ofServices for VAT purposes, as laid down in the Republic of Lithuania Law onValue Added Tax.

6.5. The User who purchases the Services may receive a VAT invoice into theUser Account opened at CompOS. The invoice might be sent via email ordownloaded from

7. Protection of Private Users

7.1. If the Services are ordered by the Private User, the Private User will have the right,without reason, to cancel such agreement within 14 days by notifying CompOS by email at The Private Userwill notify the cancellation of the Services referred to in this paragraphusing the above email address in a free format, indicating the order number,date, contact details and the wish to cancel a specific order for Services. CompOSwill, without delay, but no later than 14 days fromthe date of receipt of the Private User’s notification of cancellation, refundall sums paid by the Private User.

8. Personal data protection

8.1. Information about the processing of personal data of Users isavailable in the Privacy Policy. By confirming that the User hasread these Rules, the User also confirms that they have familiarised themselveswith the Privacy Policy, specified above in this paragraph of theRules.

9. Change or termination of Services

9.1. CompOS has the right to unilaterally change the Services providedby and their prices, and any other provisions of the Rules. If thechanges have a negative impact on (e.g. restriction of) the rights of PrivateUsers, CompOS will only make such changes if there is sufficient basis for it,e.g., if relevant provisions of the applicable laws change or if we restructureor adjust our business model. Private Users will be given reasonable notice ofchanges by email to the address specified in their Accounts, no later than 5calendar days before such change. If, after changing, amending or supplementingthe Rules and notifying the Private User thereof in accordance with theprocedure laid down in this paragraph of the Rules, the Private User willcontinue to use, this will be deemed as the Private User’s consentto the Rule amendments. CompOS confirms that the amendments will in no wayadversely affect the rights of Private Users regarding the Services alreadyexecuted or in the process of being executed.

9.2. CompOS has the right to restrict or terminate User access to Comp-os.comand/or Services at any time if the User violates the requirements of theseRules and/or applicable laws. If the User, who violates the requirements ofthese Rules and/or applicable laws, has an Account, they will be notified ofthe restriction or termination of User access by email to the address specifiedin the Account. If CompOS restricts or terminates User access to Comp-os.comand/or Services, said User will have no right to use and/orServices in the future, e.g. by creating a new Account.

9.3. CompOS has the right to temporarily restrict activitiesto perform technical maintenance or related technical functions bygiving Private Users reasonable early notice to the email address specified inthe Account. In the event of an emergency, reserves the right totemporarily restrict its activities without notifying Private Users, providedthat, such restrictions will not adversely affect the rights of Private Usersregarding the Services already executed or in the process of being executed.

9.4. CompOS also confirms that activities may temporarily berestricted due to force majeure circumstances. In this case, CompOS will notifyPrivate Users of the force majeure circumstances without delay, but CompOS willnot be responsible for disruptions caused by force majeure.

10. Liability

10.1. The User agrees and undertakes to defend, indemnify and protect CompOS,companies related to CompOS, service providers and CompOS representatives,managers, authorized officials, employees or consultants against any and alllosses, damages, claims and/or expenses incurred: a) as a result of the breachof these Rules by the User, b) any breach by the User of the requirements ofthe laws applicable to the User, and c) User’s decisions based on theinformation contained in the Report.

10.2. To the extent permitted by applicable law, CompOS shall not beliable for any loss or damage to Users.

10.3. will only be responsible for the technical placementat of the information provided in the Report (provided that the Reportmeets all the requirements of the Rules) and the technical support of the Comp-os.comdatabase. To the extent permitted by applicable law, CompOS will not be liablefor any factual inaccuracies/inconsistencies of the information contained inthe Report and for the content of the Report.

10.4. may contain links to otherThird-Party Websites. These links are provided only for the convenience ofUsers. CompOS does not control such links or Third-Party Websites, nor is itresponsible for the content of Third-Party Websites, including any informationor material on said websites.

11. Intellectual property rights

11.1. The material on the website—the code, design, Comp-os.comdomain name, all copyrights, trademarks, databases, trade names, titles andother intellectual property or other property related to and/or thematerial contained therein—is all the property of CompOS or CompOS uses it onlegitimate grounds, except for the intellectual property objects (trademarks,logos, etc.) related to CompOS partners or suppliers, and is protected bynational and international laws and regulations for the protection ofintellectual property.

11.2. The User has no right to copy, record, in any way or reproduce,present, publish, transfer, sell, modify, submit, license, change, re-publish,edit, broadcast, rebroadcast or otherwise make available, display in public ordemonstrate, adapt, distribute or use material or its source code,or any part thereof, as well as any derivative works without the expresspermission of CompOS.

12. Applicable law and disputeresolution

12.1. All activities will be carried out in accordance withthe laws of the Republic of Lithuania, which are also applicable to theseRules. Any disputes arising out of activities, Services or relatedto them, will be settled by negotiation, and if no agreement is then reached,by a competent court in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law.

12.2. Disputes between CompOS and Commercial Users will be settled incourt in accordance with the CompOS domicile.

12.3. The Private User who believes that CompOS has infringed theirrights or legitimate interests related to Services, should submittheir complaint in writing to CompOS via and indicating theclaim. If the User disagrees with the reply from CompOS, they can contact theLithuanian State Consumer Rights Protection Authority at or fill inthe online application form on the European Consumer Dispute ResolutionPlatform at Judicial disputes will be settled inaccordance with the procedure established by the applicable law, includingArticle 29 of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Protection ofConsumers Rights.

13. Information protectionmeasures

13.1. CompOS notes that Users are responsible for the confidentiality oftheir Account login data. The User must be cautious when using and keepinglogin data. The User should log out of the browser when finished with theirwork in order to ensure that no one will access the User’s email, or personalinformation, and especially when the User uses a publicly available computer(e.g. at an internet café or library).

13.2. Although CompOS strives to protect the User data processed by CompOS,however, given that the User information is sent via an internet connection, CompOScannot guarantee and does not guarantee the complete security of the informationtransmitted by the User, including personal data.

14. Final provisions

14.1. These Rules constitute the entire agreement between the User and CompOSand replace and repeal all previous written or oral contracts, commitments,statements and agreements between the User and CompOS relating to the subjectof these Rules. CompOS has the right to conclude a separate written agreementwith the User. The terms of these Rules apply to such an agreement unless it isexpressly provided otherwise.

14.2. If any part of these Rules is declared invalid, unlawful orunenforceable to any extent, in accordance with the procedure laid down byapplicable law, such recognition will be without prejudice to the remainingconditions of the Rules which remain in force and are to be implemented to themaximum extent permitted by applicable law.

14.3. CompOS has the right at its discretion, to assign all or part ofthe rights and/or obligations under these Rules without the prior consent ofthe User, provided that this does not prejudice the guarantees provided to thePrivate User. The transfer of the rights and/or obligations by CompOS,performed in accordance with the procedure laid down in this paragraph of theRules, will exempt CompOS from the fulfillment of all obligations under theseRules. The User has no right to transfer or assign these Rules or any or all oftheir rights and/or obligations under these Rules, in accordance withapplicable law or otherwise, without the prior written consent of CompOS.

If the User or CompOS does not exercise any of the rights specified inthese Rules, this will not be considered to be a waiver of such rights.